Convenience Meets Safety with Our Remote Control Gates

Remote control gates

Here at The Automatic Gate Co, we aim to offer our clients quality solutions that offer more. More than just a convenient way of gaining entry to your premises, our remote control gates also add another element of safety to your family home or business on the Mornington Peninsula.


With operation mastered with just a touch of a button, users are no longer required to exit their vehicle in order to gain access ? our solutions are designed to be a click-of-the-button design.


Security meets an innovative gate design

Whilst you?re concerned about adding another layer of protection to your property, our team are concerned about ensuring all of these requirements are met.


Having worked extensively across Portsea, Rye, Sorrento and the Mornington Peninsula, we've gained an insight into the look, feel and function that home and business owners are looking to gain.


With this in mind, we've made our range of gates available at prices that are easily accessible to our clientele.


Our commitment to you

Your gate is the first impression of your home or office. Complementing your existing surroundings and offering you the level of security you?re after, our remote control gates allow you install an electric, swing, pedestrian, sliding or cantilever-styled solution, backed by fully-functional features to ensure you remain in control of who accesses your property.


This is our commitment to you ? absolute security crafted from best-in-class materials. All this from our knowledgeable staff who are always on the ready to attend to your every need. This is what sets us apart from the rest, allowing you to shop for automatic, electric or remote control gates that last.


Get a quote now


If you?re not sure where to start or what gate would best suit your Mornington Peninsula home, we?re always available to lend a hard. Whether you?re in Portsea, Rye or Sorrento, we can give you an affordable quote and helpful advice to get you started.